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Short Story

The Mare

September 20, 2015 When her vision began to clear she found herself standing on the edge of a highway. There was no traffic. She was alone. The road was divided down the middle by a strip of freshly mowed grass. Each side of the highway had two lanes, plainly marked...

The Devil Who Wanted to Grow Potatoes

The Devil Who Wanted to Grow Potatoes June 23, 2015 Once upon a time there was a very small and unimportant imp who lived in an obscure corner of hell. All he had ever known was being kicked around by all the larger and meaner devils who in turn were bullied by...

Dino’s Dragon Story

Dino's Dragon Story February 24, 2015 I did not write this. It was written a number of years ago by my younger daughter Geraldine Mongold. I can guarantee that any fiction written by Dino will feature a female protagonist who Goes. Out. And. Gets. Things. Done. Once...



I’m Alice

Writer by avocation: I escaped from the big city to rural Arkansas in 2006. I write this blog, short stories, essays, and I have books in progress. I live in the in Montgomery County surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest–1.8 million acres of mixed pine and hardwood forest. I have too many critters, too many interests, and not enough hours in the day. Welcome to the website and I hope that you enjoy it.

Alice Davis-Rains, 2886 W. Highway 88, Oden, Arkansas 71961

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