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The Green Satin Dress

The Green Satin Dress June 11, 2015 After I retired I moved to the country. It was a dream come true, but I had a lot to learn about country living. In the big city strangers are strangers but in the country, at least in southern Arkansas, they are neighbors you have...

A Word of Explanation

A Word of Explanation February 23, 2015 The picture above really is the view from my back fence, looking across Mr. Spurling's cow pasture (not visible in the photo) and towards a small section of the Ouachita National Forest. My place is a tumble down shack in the...



I’m Alice

Writer by avocation: I escaped from the big city to rural Arkansas in 2006. I write this blog, short stories, essays, and I have books in progress. I live in the in Montgomery County surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest–1.8 million acres of mixed pine and hardwood forest. I have too many critters, too many interests, and not enough hours in the day. Welcome to the website and I hope that you enjoy it.

Alice Davis-Rains, 2886 W. Highway 88, Oden, Arkansas 71961

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